Zabadaks and its territory slowly but with determination is being developed from a neglected industrial territory and is getting closer to our vision about what should be here at this place: an enjoyable territory where one can attend DIY concerts and perform, rehearse and make recordings, do sports, work or relax. On this page you can get to know about everything we have done to get closer to that vision.

Rehearsal / recording space (2007-2008...)

Because of different reasons, we couldn't organize band rehearsals on Zabadaks stage, and we have always thought about a special place for such a purpose.
Already for some time we run a tiny house and a small territory with it just nearby Zabadaks. In the beginning it was used as a storehouse, but thanks to donations and funding we have made a rehearsal/recording space.

Supported by: EAGGF. LEADER+

Newest photos (2008):
In 2008 with the support of the EU structural foundation we have partially completed interior renovation and repairs, installed a heating system, as well as made the rehearsal room. Also, we have bought new amps and mixers, and made some acoustical treatment.
To be continued.

The beginning of the project (winter 2007-2008):

Zabadaks mini-soccer field (summer 2007)
Supported by: KNHM foundation and Town Council


Path to Zabadaks and the yard (2006)
Supported by: KNHM foundation and Town Council


Renovation of Zabadaks (2001 - 2002)

In this gallery you can get the insight into the brutal work we have done, to make from this ruined barn a fully functional DIY culture space. Financial support: Queen Juliana Foundation. Further info here.


Art at Zabadaks


nekacerria 2006