Non-commercial culture TV program 
"Cieta serde" (2004 - 2005)

Here's a small meditation on "Cieta serde" by Muitnieks, one of the creators:

"Cieta serde", if we take it simply and without any lies or regrets, was born in minds of two people, when working at Kuldiga TV station and trying to make something that would be pleasant and interesting for ourselves. The idea was to reflect, at least once in a month, quite different events related to the non-commercial/DIY culture, including concerts, festivals, seminars... We wanted to show general activities of the alternative culture, a creative thought or simply a talk/poetry/ideas by a NON-popular person, sometimes letting the local society hear not so pleasant stuff. It was not a political TV show, even though it is hard to distinguish it from the counterculture we represented (?) until one moment. In fact it was as it should be...

It's hard to work if you can't devote yourself at least at 90%.

Didn't have the money to continue... The last program was supported by the State Culture capital foundation (thanks!)

There will be no continuation."


„Cieta Serde” #1

„Cieta Serde” #2

This program was devoted to the seminar "Communes after communism" that took place at K@2 culture center in Liepaja on march 4-7 in 2004. It encompasses interviews with participants, an interview about the Otto Mühl Friedrichshof commune, and music.

„Cieta Serde” #3

Unknown content.

„Cieta Serde” #4 (march - august 2005)

Music video and commentary (Inokentijs Marpls (lv) - "Tā kā pavasarī")
Cesis musical scene
Mūzikas video (62 I.P. (lv) – „Konfektes”)
Valmiera musical scene
Music video (Spichki (lt) – Veselo)
Vilnius scene
Interview with Simon Sheikh on Christiania

Download (sorry, mostly in Latvian. The last interview goes in English):

- Cieta.serde4.avi

In 50 mb rar archives:

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