other NEKAC activities

Organisation NEKAC, which is actually formed by a circle of friends who spent/are spending their free time together, not only organised concerts, festivals or video evenings, but also visited other organizations and participated in other social and physical activities.

The bohemian
seminar "No Culture without Subculture"
Minsk, Belarus
november 16 - 21, 2004

Program: http://www.morezvukov.nl/minsk.html

Seminar "Communes after the communism"
Karosta, Liepaja, march 2004

Program: http://www.lcca.lv/projekti/republika/komunas_programma/.

The second non-commercial culture TV show "Cieta Serde" was made about this event.

Cleaning of Aleksupite river

The Aleksupite river that meanders through our town for many people is a perfect place where to get rid of their garbage and other treasures.

For several years we organized Aleksupite cleaning actions, trying to call the local society for collecting their domestic waste shit and not dumping it in the river.

After many loads with different garbage and treasures we have ceased making this action due to the lack of participation. We are Latvians, and that explains much.

Press #1, press #2

Beneficial action "Kas otram dots, nav velti izlietots"

NEKAC football and other physical activities

DIY football and other sports activities has always been a part of what we do. Who could forgot such renowned DIY football teams as "Sierā sagājēji", "Ku tu i, Torpedo", "Kuldžigitas" and floorball team "Štaketus" to name just few.

"Sierā sagājēji" also got the grand prix in the Jaffa DJ team football tournament.

A traditional feature is to organize different tournaments - at each DIY culture festival "Tabūns" there was a mini-football tournament in which participated the festival participants and visitors. The latest tournament was organized in 2005 in honour of the 1905 years revolution.

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